ITT EXIT, in exchange for the compensation paid under the terms and conditions of this agreement, agrees to provide the following services: ITT EXIT reserves the right to use our retained Attorneys to handle all our Timeshare cases. Utilizing documents and information provided by the Client, including but not limited to your purchase agreement and/or contract, any and all documents signed or initialed by Client, co-owner, or timeshare representatives, any and all other materials that the Client feels are relevant to their case. ITT EXIT will develop and maintain a case file necessary for the Client to receive a permanent termination of the Client’s timeshare, vacation ownership, or vacation club membership. (IN SOME CASES, THESE DOCUMENTS ARE NOT NEEDED). In consideration for the services rendered by ITT EXIT, the Client agrees to pay ITT EXIT the sum of One Thousand Nine Hundred and Ninety-Five Dollars ($ 1995.00)**Client will not be responsible for any additional fees charged by ITT beyond this point** The parties agree that this sum is paid to facilitate and complete the termination of the timeshare/membership agreement and that the process begins immediately. The Client will not be required to perform (nor will ITT EXIT suggest or otherwise recommend) any direction and/or instructions that are illegal, contrary to the law or statute or otherwise subject Client to public ridicule or embarrassment. The Client agrees to complete all forms, documents, and instruction as may be reasonably requested by ITT EXIT. ITT EXIT is not engaged in the practice of law and the Client acknowledges that ITT EXIT is not offering or otherwise rendering legal assistance. Your case WILL be handled by the Law Firm retained by ITT EXITITT EXIT does not guarantee you will recoup any funds from your Resort.


ITT EXIT’s Law Firm will continue to assist Client in attaining a permanent cancellation of the Client’s timeshare, vacation ownership, or vacation club membership for a period of 12 months or, be in the prelitigation/litigation process to cancel the timeshare. All cases are handled on a case-by-case basis and some do take longer than others.


Client agrees to cooperate and communicate with your assigned Paralegal during the process for cancellation. Client hereby agrees that, if such cooperation with ITT EXIT or any of its affiliates is withheld, ITT EXIT may, at its option, terminate affiliation with notice in writing to Client.


Client agrees that they will maintain an open dialog with our Law Firm and your assigned Paralegal, if needed during the process of their cancellation. If the Client does not get a cancellation within the Term, ITT EXIT and our Law Firm will continue to work towards a favorable outcome at no additional expense to the client.


Should ITT EXIT fail to deliver the service agreed upon as designated in Section 1, Client will be entitled to a refund.  Additionally, Client has the 3 business days to decide to forego their refund and continue with our services at no additional cost to the Client. During this extra period, ITT EXIT agrees to pay all fees associated with any extra expenses.


Certificate of Guarantee

100% Customer Satisfaction

ITT EXIT guarantees that we will get your timeshare contract canceled within 365 Days or you are entitled to any fees paid to ITT EXIT

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